All the pricing phases in the same tool

Easily use your Data
You can import a CSV  file and prepare it for modelling processing.

GLM, Geo, Interactions in the same place
GLM is a powerful tool, but it may be not enough to explore the complex patterns hidden in the data. Akur8 allows you to rapidly discover the clearest and meaningful interactions in your data. You can also assess the geographic risk with an easy and powerful overview.


The end of the "clickfests" error prone tools

Refined User Interface
We optimized our Interface to enable actuaries to work in the most efficient way.

Seamless flow to empower actuaries
Our machine learning capabilities have enables us to automate the modelling process. You don't have a huge stack of windows. Instead, you have a seamless flow of clear and logical steps.

Automatic Variable Suggestion to get better models
The pricing variables which optimally explain risks are automatically suggested. You can reduce models complexity while keeping their power.

Reuse format
Many data sources share the same variables. Akur8 keeps track of the logical link between these columns. Save time by applying consistent transformation across your data bases, and intuitively discover patterns across multiple modelizations.


Incorporate your knowledge

Being data-driven is vital, but it is not enough in the pricing race. Good risk models do not simply emerge from data patterns. Unlike black-box models, the interpretable-by-design Akur8 solution allows you to have complete control over your model. Directly input actuarial knowledge in your model, to fix extreme market segments in an user-friendly and intuitive way. You can also track your choices to fully understand the decisions made during modelling.

Model coefficient editing, constraints & offset
You can easily edit coefficients, add constraints & offset, to include your own knowledge and regulatory or operational constraints in the models.


Work as a Team

Muti-user mode
Sharing data discoveries should be seamless to work effectively as a team. Akur8's design is team based: centralize your modelling in one place, share your particular insight with just a link.

Clear and effective communication, between teams and stakeholders, is vital for a lean modelling process. With Akur8's powerful automated documentation, you can achieve this with just a click. With fast documentation of modelling choices and the collaborative design of Akur8, your team is empowered to brainstorm and iterate faster on your business.


Quick Production Integration.

Various Model export format
Powerful risk modelling is of no importance if it cannot be rapidly put in production. We offer a wide range of common export formats to ensure a full compatibility.

Highest Update frequency
As the time spent on modelling is cut by 10X, models can be updated often, so that you can be the first to capitalize on the latest market opportunity.


Your Data is your Data

Secured Environment

Each client has an isolated instance of the product (database, URL, settings).

Advanced Security Test

Platform has best in class security features and technology.

GDPR Compliant

Hosted in EU. Akur8 doesn’t have access to your data.

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