Bring Machine Learning into the GLM world

GLM is the well-established technique that answers all Risk Modelling constraints: it is easy to understand and enables a clear validation process. But it is manual. Iterations and discoveries are long and slow, involving large actuarial resources.

Using cutting edge machine learning, we have automated GLM modelling. From variable selection to geographic smoothing, you decide the tradeoff between clarity and performance. You can immediately spot anomalies and discover new patterns.

Model better and faster to win the pricing race.


Better, Faster, Stronger

Improve your model performance

Improve model quality and prevent errors. Get superior performance with automated variable suggestion, interactions and geographic segmentation.


Reduce model building time by 10X and increase actuarial efficiency. Update your model to capitalize on market opportunities.

Keep control & power

Reduce model complexity while keeping their predictive power. Discover new pricing variables which best explain the risk.


Get the best of both worlds

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